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28 Feb
The Wandering Caravan Is Out!

The Marco's new album "The Wandering Caravan" is out now and available Worldwide!

09 Feb
The Wandering Caravan Pre-order!

Pre-Order Special!
Order the new Marco Ragni Album The Wandering Caravan and receive a limited edition bonus EP for FREE!



North America 

27 Jan
The Wandering Caravan teaser is here!

The teaser of my upcoming album is available now on my official YouTube channel. Enjoy it!

24 Dec
Season's greetings!
I wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas. Stay rock people!
06 Dec
"Keep Dreaming" new single available in Hi Res 24bit/96k

Today is the day! "Keep Dreaming" is the first single taken from "The Wandering Caravan" album. You can listen or buy it here.

It's a Hi Res 24bit/96k Edition. 

Enjoy it

Keep in touch folks!


03 Dec
The Wandering Caravan's Tracks list
Here is the track list from the upcoming album "The Wandering Caravan". Almost 60 minutes of epic music. Stay tuned for the news folks!
01 Dec
New EP collection is available now!

Waiting for the new album, here is a juicy collection with 25 songs (plus 5 bonus tracks) taken from my 4 Ep. It's a huge collection in a single digital album. You can listen or purchase it here:

07 Oct
Album art revealed
The Wandering Caravan's cover art revealed! The new Progressive Rock Opera will be released on February 28, 2018 via Melodic Revolution Records.
27 Sep
The Wandering Caravan final mastering!
Hi folks, here are the next steps to release new album "The Wandering Caravan": - October 1st to 4th final instrumental mixing. - October 10th to 15th vocals' sessions at Sunflower Studios. - October 16th to 18th final mixing. - October 22nd goes to Abbey Road Studios in London for mastering. - October 28th goes to Sheffield's disc factory for glass mastering. - November to January 2018 promoting - February 15 goes to kickstarter's supporters - February 16th to 27th pre-orders
02 Aug
"The Wandering Caravan" official date release

Marco's new album will be released on February 28, 2018 via Melodic Revolution Records

The band :

Marco Ragni: Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, mandolin

Dave Newhouse: Woodwinds 

Peter Matuchniak: Lead guitar

Jeff Mack: Bass  

Maurizio Antonini: Drums 


Special guests:

Ian Beabout: Flute

Luca Zabbini: Hammond 

Nadav Yitzhak: Oud

Michael Zentner: Violin 

Marco Ragni

Progressive music

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