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09 Jan
Give this album a name and win a copy!
I'm searching a title for my new album. The person who will give me the best title I will choose will win an autographed copy of the album and his name in the credits! I hope this new album will amaze you positively!
08 Jan
Marius Halleland from Wobbler completed his recordings!
Marius Halleland from Wobbler completed his guitar recordings for "The Merchant of Eternal Youth". He plays as a guest on two songs of my upcoming album. See you soon for the preview!
22 Dec
Marco plays Pink Floyd new album

LIMITED TIME RELEASE! Marco Ragni - Playing Pink Floyd -An acoustic tribute - featuring Dave Newhouse on Woodwinds. Digital album Available only until Christmas.

07 Dec
Short promo from upcoming album

Short promo of the upcoming album "The Merchant of Eternal Youth" is now on YouTube!

26 Nov
Fundraising campaign for the new album!

If you want to be active part of my new album "The Merchant of Eternal Youth", here is the chance! The fundraising campaign is started today!

26 Sep
Marius Halleland from Wobbler as special guest!

Marius Halleland from the Band Wobbler will be the special guest on Marco's new album "The Merchant of Eternal Youth".

Marius plays lead guitar on "From Silence to Somewhere", the acclaimed Progressive Rock album from the Norwegian Band. He'll be guest on two songs with his amazing guitar style.

Stay tuned for the next news folks! 

20 Sep
Official Spotify's Playlist

The official Marco's greatest hits playlist is now available on Spotify!

30 Aug
New album's title is revealed!
"THE MERCHANT OF ETERNAL YOUTH" The new album from Marco Ragni has a name! The new record will be released on Spring 2019 via Melodic Revolution Records. Marco has recorded all the acoustic guitars and keyboards, Dave has recorded some woodwinds, Maurizio has added drums and Jeff some bass parts, waiting for the Peter's lead guitar and then vocals and final arrangements. Stay tuned for the news about the cover. See ya folks!
24 Aug
Super guest!
Who will be the super guest on my new album? Stay tuned for the news folks!
11 Aug
New album will come in Spring 2019
I'm back in my Sunfower Studio for the first recording session of my new album that will be release on Spring 2019. The band has been confirmed with the addition of JoJo Razor as backing vocals and a very special guest that will be announced soon! The band: Marco Ragni : Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass. Peter Matuchniak : Lead Guitar. Jeff Mack : Bass. Dave Newhouse : Woodwinds. Maurizio Antonini : Drums. JoJo Razor : Backing Vocals. Stay tuned for the news!

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