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23 Jun
"IF" new album with Bjørn Riis

Ragni's new album "IF" featuring Bjørn Riis as lead guitarist. The founder of the band Airbag has played a lot of solos in this new spectacular album. You can preview the album with many bonuses by joining the fundraising campaign here

One week left!

02 May
Crowdfunding campaign!

New crowdfunding campaign is started today. If you love Marco's music, you can support his work choosing between a lot of options inside the kickstarter's campaign of his new album.

Thanks in advance! 

Take a look here

17 Apr
Are you ready for the next trip?
The recordings of the new album have started with a new cool Band! I will have the pleasure of playing with Altin Gjoni a huge talent on Lead Guitar, Fabio Ramirez with his great rhythm on Bass and an old acquaintance of yours with whom I have already played on two previous albums Mr "Keep the time" Maurizio Antonini on Drums. See you soon for the news about the date release! Peace, Love & Light M.
06 Apr
Ep's trilogy

"Acid in the meantime" is the first of three EPs to be released by the end of summer. The trilogy will be called "A madman in a strange spring" and will also be available in a deluxe digipack version that will contain all the three EPs. While you wait for the second one to come out, here's the first one exclusively on Bandcamp!

01 Apr
"Acid, in the meantime" the new EP!

Written and recorded in these days of quarantine. It's a four tracks EP. You can buy it and listen it here:

Recorded at Sunflower Studios in Rovigo - Italy

22 Mar
Looking through a kaleidoscope - Expanded edition

Today is the day. If you're lovers of my early works and my psychedelic vision of this mad world, here is a gem. My first soloist album with a lot of bonus tracks. Strictly High Resolution Audio! Available here

Enjoy folks! 

09 Mar
Bjørn Riis does it again!

Bjørn Riis, excellent guitarist and founder of the Norwegian band Airbag is playing for my next album!

Stay tuned folks, other news coming soon. 

19 Feb
New single taken from the upcoming Live album

The new single (three songs inside) taken from my upcoming live album, recorded on October 2017 is now available on my Official Store.

You can listen, buy it or share it!

28 Jan
At work!
I'm working on a collection featuring all the lead guitarists I've had as guests on my albums. There will also be a couple of unreleased tracks from two really cool guitarists from Prog Rock universe! Stay tuned for the news folks.
18 Dec
New single is now available!

"Fearless" an acoustic tribute to Pink Floyd is now available for streaming and purchasing on my Official Store. Enjoy!

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