Land of blue echoes

About this album

Released on March 21st 2016

Melodic Revolution Records 

Special Guests:

Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd): Vocals

Peter Matuchniak: Lead guitar

Jeff Mack (Scarlet Hollow): Bass

Jacopo Ghirardini (Stalag 17): Drums

Fernando Perdomo: Lead guitar on "Money doesn't think

Colin Tench (Corvus Stone): Lead guitar on "Between moon and earth

Vance Gloster (Gekko Project): Keyboards and Hammond Organ

Hamlet (Transport Aerian): Bass on "Queen of blue fires"

1 Between moon and earth

2 Horizons

3 Land of blue echoes

4 Money doesn't think

5 Canto d'amore

6 Deep night feat. Durga McBroom

7 Beltane

8 Nucleus parts 1-8 feat Durga McBroom

9 Queen of blue fires

Marco Ragni

Progressive music

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