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The celebration of 20 years’ career. 70 minutes album with unreleased tracks. Psychedelic Pop Rock.

Crow Records 2013

Tracking list: 

1 The dream's armies

2 Music is my home

3 Shine on me (Single edit)

4 RoseMoon

5 Surfin' the sun

6 Speed of thoughts

7 People of the rising sun

8 The mountain of fools

9 The rush

10 Four horses

11 Light rain (Single edit)

12 The girl who smiles at the sunshine

13 In my eyes

14 Uranus man

15 Are you there? (Feat. Pamela Polland)

16 Who you are

17 Grain fields & summer's dreams

18 Praise to the moon (Single edit)

19 I can't breathe anymore

20 Little boy lullaby



Marco Ragni

Progressive music

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