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14 Jul
Guest on the Transport Aerian new album!

Marco will be a guest on the Hamlet's new album "Therianthrope". He'll play guitars and keyboards

15 Jun
Summer's solstice digital discount!

From June 15th to July 1st you can purchase my last two album with a 20% discount! Click on the link below and use the codes. Enjoy folks CODE: digitals CODE: mftsdigitals

14 Jun
New video clip "Beltane"

New video taken from Marco's new album "Land of Blue Echoes". You can see it here

31 May
Marco Ragni Live with the band at Poplab

Marco Ragni and his band will play live at Poplab on June 2nd, 2016 - 10 pm

23 May
Marco Ragni Band

Marco Ragni Band ∞ Infinite circle ∞ live at Zerolab coming soon! Stay tuned for great news folks

20 May
Live at Poplab, June 2nd

June 2nd, Crow Music presents an evening with Marco Ragni and the Blue Echoes. Psychedelic live at Poplab. See you there folks!! 

19 May
Live Unplugged at El Coghetto

Friday night, May 20th. Performing "Land of Blue Echoes" and others song from my repertoire. See you there!

10 May
Back in the studio!

Marco`s back in the studio to record his longest progressive suite, 50 minutes circa. There's a new album to the horizon? Who knows.... Stay tuned for the updates folks!

01 May
Digital discography at 5 Euros!

Super 40% discount to the digital discography on Marco's official  store

14 Apr
"Nucleus" parts I-II New videoclip featuring Durga McBroom from Pink Floyd

Marco and his team are working on a new videoclip called "Nucleus" parts I-II featuring Durga McBroom as backing vocals, Jeff Mack on bass, Jacopo Ghirardini on drums. Marco plays acoustic and electric guitars, lap steel guitar and keyboards. Coming soon!!

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